Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ukulele Playing Position

'Youke' Can Have Excellent
Posture & Technique

  Sit straight and forward (or stand).
      Right arm cradles the uke against ribs.
      Right arm is parallel with the neck.

      Left arm comes forward @ 90 degrees.
      Left  palm faces upward.
      Fingers curve as if holding a baseball.   
      Thumb rests against back of the neck.

      Left fingers bend toward the fingerboard.   
      Fingertips press the strings against the  
          fingerboard just behind frets:
          first finger in the first space,
          second finger in the second space,
          and third finger in the third space.
      Strum downward (to start) with the side
           of your thumb or the back (nail) of your 
           index finger (built-in pick). Strum near
           the point where the neck joins the body.