Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Two-Chord Songs in F, Pattern #3

You can play along with these recordings of Polly Wolly Doodle:  (with voice)

Although this video version is in the key of A (instead of F, so don't play along), 
it may be helpful to listen to the melody and pronunciation here: 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Two-Chord Partner in F, Pattern #5

Rounds with C and F Chords (I IV)

Note: Although these are two-chord songs, the chord changes are more difficult than songs with F and C7. 
I suggest teaching two-chord songs with F and C7 first.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Major Scale Pattern

This is the universal pattern for a major scale. 
'Youke' can play a major scale beginning on any note by following this whole- and half-step pattern.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Minor Scale Pattern

This is the universal pattern for a minor scale. 

'Youke' can discover a minor scale by starting on any note and following this whole- and half-step pattern. 

Compare and contrast the minor scale to the major scale pattern.
Note: This is the natural minor scale. To create a harmonic minor scale, which sounds a bit more mysterious or tense, raise (sharp) the seventh note  a half-step (change so to si).

You'll need to use your fourth finger on this one!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Blues Scale Pattern

This is the pattern for the BLUES scale. 

You can start on any note, and by following the interval pattern (spaces between notes), you'll have the 'blues!' 

Compare and contrast the blues scale to the minor scale.

Usually, scales are played across strings (not on just one string). 
Read the tablature (TAB) line and play this C blues scale. Next, sing the note names, reading from the staff. 
Then practice reading the scale from the staff.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Four-Chord Pop Progression

This chord progression is very common in modern pop music.
Here is a list of some of the songs that use this pattern. Most of these songs were not performed/recorded in the key of C, but they can be. Have fun trying them out.  

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae JepsonI'm Yours – Jason MrazTrouble – Taylor SwiftCan You Feel the Love Tonight? – Lion KingWe Are Young – FunBaby, Baby – Justin BeiberJust the Way You Are – Bruno MarsHey, Soul Sister – TrainFirework – Katy PerryHot and Cold – Katy PerrySomewhere Over the Rainbow (newer)Country Roads – John DenverTake On Me – A-haWhat Makes You Beautiful – One DirectionThe A Team – Ed SheeranIf I Die Young – The Band PerryJar of Hearts – Christina PerriI Won't Give Up – Gavin DeGrawWe Found Love – RhiannaStronger – Kelly ClarksonStarships – Niki ManajTitanium – David GuettaPerfect – P!nkHey Ya – OutcastWrecking Ball – Miley CyrusDiamonds – RhiannaSomeone Like You – AdeleSay Something – A Great Big World Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey (1981)Let It Be” by The Beatles (1970)She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 (2002)Edge Of Glory” by Lady Gaga