Friday, July 8, 2016

Blues Scale Pattern

This is the pattern for the BLUES scale. 

You can start on any note, and by following the interval pattern (spaces between notes), you'll have the 'blues!' 

Compare and contrast the blues scale to the minor scale.

Usually, scales are played across strings (not on just one string). 
Read the tablature (TAB) line and play this C blues scale. 
Next, sing the note names, reading from the staff. 
Then practice reading the scale from the staff.

Improvise using notes from the C blues scale and play along with this B.B. King Style Back-up Track from MyDarnJamTracks on YouTube. At first, only play open C and first and third frets on the E and A strings. Then jazz things up with the 'blue note,' F# (2nd fret on E string). Search for other blues back-up tracks in the key of C. Have fun!